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systems of delivering active ingredients

In accordance with consumer declarations, the most important feature of modern cosmetics and dietary supplements is their high efficiency. The key task of the manufacturers becomes effective delivery of high-quality active ingredients directly to cells.

Synthos Care develops advanced systems of carriers of active substances dedicated to cosmetics, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, which revolutionize the effectiveness of supplying active substances to the human body. In our offer
we have a number of active substances encapsulated in high quality carriers.


VECTICELL is a modern delivery system of active ingredient with the ability to penetrate all layers of the skin, delivering active ingredients even to the fat layer. Its high efficiency depends on three properties:


  • Lipid composition – VECTICELL are made of pure, pharmaceutical phosphatidylcholine, thus perfectly incorporate in cell membranes,
  • lexible membrane of the nanocarrier – double or triple encapsulation system that coats carrier structures with compounds which control the flexibility of lipid layer guarantees an unparalleled permeability between cells,
  • Homogeneous size of nanocarriers – the unique technology of VECTICELL molecules calibration gives carriers repeatable and programmable size, which directly affects their efficiency of reaching the skin cells


Substances encapsulated in VECTICELL feature high resistance to external factors and excellent permeability. Cosmetics manufactured using VECTICELL are characterised by high efficiency.


Synthos CARE offers also VECTICELL delivery system with a catalogue of various actives dedicated to modern cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics. Synthos CARE R&D team also carries out projects involving molecule closing on the Customer request.


While LIPOLINE is a line of modern supplementary products providing active substances into the body. Its high efficiency is guaranteed by:

  • Lipid composition - We use natural phospholipids, so the molecule is fully biodegradable and biocompatible.
  • Homogeneous size - LIPOLINE media calibration technology gives them a repeatable and programmable size, which directly affects the increased bioavailability and effectiveness of reaching skin cells.

Thanks to the use of liposomes even highly hydrophobic substances are soluble in water, which additionally increases their bioavailability.


  • 100% MISCIBLE -  As an aqueous solution with a high concentration of active substances, it is 100% soluble in water. Since our body consists of up to 70% water, the bioavailability of our products is very high.
  • PURITY - Our formulations do not contain ethanol, GMO or sugar.
  • NORMS - The entire production process is carried out in accordance with GMP standards and in line with HACCP requirements.
  • LAST PHASE - Can be added in the last phase of cold mixing so that the substances it contains will not degrade.