Serum Vecticell - Synthos CARE


VECTICELL SERUM are formulations prepared for direct application to the skin. In addition, they can be enriched with a delicate fragrance composition.

Below we present the available products and an indication of the use:

  •      HA serum - for dry skin
  •      Serum Q10 - for mature skin
  •      Serum AEC - for capillary skin
  •      Serum C - for discoloration
  •      Omega + Serum - anti-acne serum
  •      Lipolysis serum - anti-cellulite serum
  •      Serum Curcumin - Anti Pollution (prevents negative effects of smog)
  •      Serum Biotin - to strengthen hair and nails


Our state-of-the-art production facilitates are a guarantee of the perfect bottling of products into ampoules and vials. The process is fully supervised, which guarantees the flawless packaging of even the most-sensitive formulas (e.g. Vitamin C). The final products are packaged for retail into 2-ml glass ampoules and 4-ml (4R) or 8-ml (8R) tear-off or flip-off vials. We provide total quality control at every stage of production under GMP standards, certified to ISO 22716.

Thanks to cooperation with numerous subcontractors, we will be happy to assist our clients in the preparation of final packaging - various types of packaging, various prints, customized collective cartons, etc.


We provide complete specifications of the products we supply, both as required by law and according to the specific needs of our Customers.


With our extensive knowledge of the market and many years of experience in product development, we can provide our Customers with invaluable support throughout the process of designing the final product packaging. We also make recommendations with regard to subcontractors and the mostefficient solutions for the project. The full optimisation of the production processes is our priority, as it facilitates the prompt completion of tasks, cost balancing, and the capacity of operating even very-small production runs.



Brochures and TDS are available exclusively at customers’ request through e-mail.