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Power of liposomes

Liposomes are structures which are spontaneously formed from phospholipids. These are in the form of vesicles sized 0.01-1 μm, filled with water (or an aqueous solution) and surrounded by a double lipid layer with a thickness of approx. 5 nm. The liposome envelope has the analogical structure of biological membranes. Liposomes are found in living organisms, e.g. in blood and are produced industrially.

Unique application

Artificially produced liposomes are used mainly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as in scientific research, as models for biological membranes. Aqueous solutions or suspensions of various substances can be placed inside the liposomes, including medications or nucleic acids. This feature facilitates the use of liposomes as drug carriers, and the Synthos CARE research team is developing advanced systems of active substance carriers dedicated to cosmetics, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. We develop, manufacture, and sell advanced phospholipid carriers, which are revolutionising the effectiveness of supplying active substances to the human body.

In our modern laboratory we have created 100% biocompatible, biodegradable innovative carrier, which effectively improves the properties of the encapsulated substances - VECTICELL.

Our contribution to the development of the industry

VECTICELL is a modern system of active substance supply whose structure is based on phospholipids. Its high effectiveness is guaranteed by three features:


  • Lipid composition - VECTICELL carriers are made of pharmaceutical-standard phosphatidylcholine, thanks to which they perfectly build into cell membranes. It is a fully biodegradable and biocompatible molecule.
  • Flexible nano-carrier membrane – this double or triple encapsulation system, involving the covering of carrier structures with compounds regulating the flexibility of the lipid layer, guarantees high permeability between the cellular spaces,
  • Homogeneous Size - VECTICELL carrier calibration technology gives them a replicable and programmable size which has a direct effect on the increased effectiveness of reaching the skin cells.

Added value

VECTICELL is resistant to technological processes - homogenisation, detergent action, and high temperature. Tests confirm the high stability of VECTICELL in the formulation - the carriers are visible in a ready-made cream.


The use of VECTICELL creates the added value in the technological process:

  • As an aqueous solution with a high concentration of active substances, it is 100% miscible in water.
  • It can be added in the final phase of cold mixing of the cosmetic formulation, because the substances contained in it are not degradable.
  • The polydispersity of VECTICELL does not exceed 0.3 PDI, guaranteeing the replicability of the series.
  • No aggressive solvents, ethanol or parabens are used in the production of VECTICELL.
  • The entire production process is carried out under conditions in accordance with ISO 22716.

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